The Levelling- film score reviews

Just to keep a record of the comments and reactions to the soundtrack.

Variety Magazine March 2017

Hutch Demouilpied’s excellent, sparingly used score suddenly takes on a keening electro edge, over underwater shots of a hare paddling through cloudy water — the film’s oddly macabre emblem.

Screen Anarchy March 2017

This combination of the real and something of surreal expressionism is aided in no small part by cinematographer Nanu Segal’s work, photographing the bleak, damp, yet beautiful landscape and the humans who work on it, and the score by Hutch Demouilpied, which seeks to both draw out and reflectede the tension, anger, and love between father and daughter.

The Playlist said “an innovative score by Hutch Demouilpied.…… creates a very particular, very distinct mood, mournful but never becoming completely bleak, realistic but never quite down-to-earth, ominous but always deeply human…..”

Bath Festival- composer James Joshua Otto said:  “Saw The Levelling this evening an absolutely wonderful, distinctive score from .

This from the Glasgow film festival 2017

The Levelling has a high, electronic score which gave the movie a haunting quality. It was impactful when showing flashbacks to the party and showing the desolate flat landscape of the Somerset Levels and seeing the wildlife carry on as the family disintegrates.”