Podcast Episode 2

Caroline Kraabel grew up in Seattle USA, and came to London as a teenager. She discovered saxophone and expressed her love for it via indie music and street performance.

I talked to Caroline about how she began to play her instrument, her inspirations, collaborations and her experiences of the experimental music scene in London.

“It’s possible for somebody like me….in a state of complete ignorance about music to make sounds and put them together in a way that worked for me… & other people seemed to think it worked too..…”

Show notes and mentions include:

Swell Maps, Ornette Coleman, film making, soundtracks, tape loops & amp; noises, busking; Stormy Weather, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat– by Charles Mingus. Working as a projectionist,living in squats, John Steven’s workshops in Stockwell, Search and Reflect by John StevensMaggie Nichols, fake blood, Sue LynchResonance FMSusan Alcorn – pedal steel player, Annie Lewandowski– musical saw, prep piano, accordion, Veryan WestonJohn Edwards, Chemistry Beats Electricity, Mark SandersBei Bei Wang.