LIMBO- cinema release in the US and review mentions the score

Thanks to Hanaa Moossavi’s review and appreciation of the score.

‘An immediate aspect of the film that strikes audiences is the emotionally compelling musical score in “Limbo”; it ushers the audience into feeling the exact emotions as the characters on-screen. Film score composer Hutch Demouilpied transcends the film’s emotional aspects. The song “Eh Fi Amal” by Fariouz plays near the film’s end and sings: “Even though flowers are filling the fields…to get back together is impossible.” Demouilpied plays with the hearts of the audience, adding this piece to hone in on the melancholia of how the narrative ends. A special aspect of Middle Eastern music — that the outro song perfectly exhibits — is the deep sense of longing conveyed through the tone of the artist; the violins and elongated, emotional versus evoke such a deep sense of sadness in every sentence that is able to reach every heart in the audience, no matter the viewer’s ability to translate the lyrics.’