Tango Bar- The concert

Tango Bar – the concert

Juan María Solare (piano)

as guest: Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet)

Bolívar Hall

54 Grafton Way, W1T 5DL LONDON, UK

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Friday, 23rd May 2014 at 7.30 pm

Free admission


Melodía de arrabal (Carlos Gardel)

Sur (Aníbal Troilo)

Carucha Splendid (Marcelo Lo Bianco)

Sus ojos se cerraron (Carlos Gardel)

Puma (Juan María Solare)

Ausente (Juan María Solare)

Volver (Carlos Gardel)

Esprit de géométrie (Pascalien nr. 2) (Juan María Solare)

Oblivion (Astor Piazzolla) (with Hutch Demouilpied, Trumpet)


Febril (Eduardo Rovira)

Pasajera Eterna (Juan María Solare)

Por una cabeza (Carlos Gardel)

Cuando tú no estás (Carlos Gardel)

The girl of the curve (Juan María Solare)

Garganta con arena (Cacho Castaña)

El abasto en google earth (Juan María Solare + Ricardo Bruno)

Nada (José Dames + Horacio Sanguinetti)

El día que me quieras (Carlos Gardel)

Lo que se fue (Jorge Pítari)


Tango Bar” – a piano recital with Juan María Solare at the Bolívar Hall, London, on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 7.30pm (door opens at 7pm). Tango Argentino by Gardel, Rovira, Solare… Free admission.

The title “Tango Bar” refers to the last film by Carlos Gardel. Six pieces of the upcoming album “Gardel al piano” will be performed, classics as Troilo, Piazzolla and Rovira, as well as new compositions of Tango Nuevo … and beyond. As special guest: Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet).

Argentine pianist & composer Juan Maria Solare -welcomed guest at the Bolivar Hall- lives in Germany and teaches tango music at the University of Bremen and composition at the Hochschule für Künste. He conducts the Jacobs Chamber Orchestra at the Jacobs University Bremen. Besides, he conducts the symphony orchestra of the Bremer Orchestergemeinschaft. He performed over 400 concerts in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Texas, Istanbul, Denmark, Finland … His works catalogue comprises over 300 compositions. (www.JuanMariaSolare.com)

Hutch is a musician and composer who is based in London UK. She is also a promoter and curator for The Horse Music Club.

www.hutchdemouilpied.com   http://horseimprovclub.wordpress.com