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To mark the occasion of his 60th birthday – Improvisor releases a podcast talking to Adrian Northover, an inimitable presence on the improvised and experimental music scene in London UK for many years and in my view, an effortless master of the saxophone.

Discussing his playing with electronic players we discuss tonality and the combination of ‘ freedom and restriction’ in this environment- which Adrian summed up as “ having handcuffs on but still being able to jump out of the window’……

We talk about the function of playing improvised music live – the collaboration & interaction between players and ‘providing the meat and grist for the audience…. either successfully or unsuccessfully’.

He talks of his interest in ‘Sufi’ music and the idea of ‘the ecstasy’ behind the music and how he likes to know ‘the function of music’ .The difference between processed and produced or un-produced music ‘a document versus a treated document.’

Improvised music has become ‘more acceptable and less weird…’……people in the past would say it ‘was just noise’ not music… was ‘really out there in terms of public awareness… now you can do anything and it is not so outrageous’….. ‘it has moved more centre stage………’