Podcast Episode 2

Caroline Kraabel grew up in Seattle USA, and came to London as a teenager. She discovered saxophone and expressed her love for it via indie music and street performance.

I talked to Caroline about how she began to play her instrument, her inspirations, collaborations and her experiences of the experimental music scene in London.

“It’s possible for somebody like me….in a state of complete ignorance about music to make sounds and put them together in a way that worked for me… & other people seemed to think it worked too..…”

Show notes and mentions include:

Swell Maps, Ornette Coleman, film making, soundtracks, tape loops & amp; noises, busking; Stormy Weather, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat– by Charles Mingus. Working as a projectionist,living in squats, John Steven’s workshops in Stockwell, Search and Reflect by John StevensMaggie Nichols, fake blood, Sue LynchResonance FMSusan Alcorn – pedal steel player, Annie Lewandowski– musical saw, prep piano, accordion, Veryan WestonJohn Edwards, Chemistry Beats Electricity, Mark SandersBei Bei Wang.


Podcast Episode 1

Richard Sanderson is an improvising musician based in London, he has recorded with the groups Ticklish, Minnow, Lost Robots and in duos with Mark Spybey and Steve Beresford. He has recorded for several labels including Grob, Textile and Duophonic. He has performed at festivals of experimental music throughout Europe. He is the curator of Linear Obsessional Recordings.

I talked to Richard about how he began to play his instrument, his inspirations, collaborations and his experiences of the experimental music scene in London.